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Specifically selected for NZ growing conditions, we import high-quality granular fertilisers direct from leading manufacturers, so you can optimise your nutrient use efficiency, crop performance, and pasture production. With a highly efficient logistics and supply chain already in place, we have significantly reduced the footprint of our products, so you get the best product at the best price, every time.

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We supply the most cost-effective fertiliser

Immediately effective in both cool and warm weather, this granular range provides ideal Nitrogen to Sulphur ratio for all crops, including pasture, hay and silage, maize, cereals and vegetables. While no volatile N losses means application can be flexible to suit weather conditions.

The Rustica range of high analysis dust-free granulated fertilisers is ideal for accurate drilling in ryegrass, cereals, maize, vegetables and fodder beet crops. Each compound granule has identical NPKS content and this high uniformity will optimise the yield potential of your crops. Extremely good for top dressing, side dressing, broadcast and aerial applications.

The Rustica range of Controlled Release fertilisers are ideal for crops and pasture. They incorporate environmentally friendly, biodegradable plant-based resin coatings for superior nutrient recovery, greater N efficiency, no volatile losses,  reduced leaching, fewer applications, and at lower rates compared to conventional fertilisers.

Micronutrient fertilisers offered in a range of single and multiple micronutrients embedded in slow release Sulphur Bentonite prills for accuracy of spreading and metered release rates.

Specialists in crop nutrition and agronomy for crops grown in NZ, we are the market leader in the introduction of new, sustainable and cost-effective fertiliser products.

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