At Viable Agriculture, we are fully focused on optimising your crop nutrition for you.

With a team that has collectively dedicated over 65 years to NZ farming, agronomy, crop nutrition and production, we’re committed to doing everything we can to improve the economic viability and environmental sustainability of agriculture in New Zealand.

We aim to optimise your nutrient use efficiency, yield potential and farm profit.

Because we understand the challenges faced by agriculture, it is our obligation to support farmers in optimising production by identifying the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible ways to enhance crop and pasture nutrient management systems.

We will customise fertiliser plans to provide best fit nutrient programs for individual situations, including environmental limits, budgetary constraints and climatic conditions.

With a highly experienced team behind us, our specialists can visit your farm in person and conduct the appropriate soil analyses necessary to accurately identify how you can make the most of the productive potential of your land. We can then produce a fertiliser program specifically for your situation, recommending exactly the right product, at the right rate and at the right time.

We source only high-grade environmentally sustainable fertilisers that are most cost effective.

Sourced only from ethical producers and selected for NZ conditions, our compound fertilisers are manufactured to give uniformity of nutrient content and product performance. The modern granulation process means that there can be no segregation of nutrients during transport and application. Every granule delivers every nutrient in the correct proportion to every plant, every time.

Because the Viable fertiliser products are selected from producers with high quality assurance standards, our products are best in class. And because we are sourcing product directly from the manufacturer, you are getting the most competitive price every time.

Viable Agriculture – the best technical advice, the best quality products and the best bang for your buck.