TIGER Sulphur Micronutrients

A unique range of granular micronutrient fertilisers that deliver agronomic and economic benefits, TIGER Sulphur Micronutrients are offered in a range of single and multiple micronutrients, which are embedded in slow release Sulphur Bentonite prills for accuracy of spreading and metered release rates.


Why choose TIGER 90CR Sulphur?

*      Improved soil distribution for better plant access to nutrients

*      ‘Ultra-low’ heavy metal contents – pure grade metals for environment

*      Organic listed nutrients

*      Quality, dust-free formulation with > 95% uniformity

*      Dual nutrient formulation for greater micronutrient and sulphur value

*      Resists leaching – for safer lakes, rivers and water supplies

*      Efficient – constant feeding of micronutrient (micro site acid forming)

For more information about TIGER 90CR Sulphur, download the product brochure

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TIGER Boron 2%

A unique granular micronutrient fertiliser that delivers agronomic and economic benefits, TIGER Boron 2% provides a cost-effective method of preventing boron deficiencies which adversely alter the formation of plants apical meristems and flowering.

Why choose TIGER Boron 2%?

*      ‘Ultra-low’ analysis for greater micronutrient distribution and performance

*      Dual nutrient (S + B) formulation – for greater efficiency over conventional sources

*      Reduced levels of non-essential nutrients (heavy metals) from current industry standards

*      Excellent handling characteristics with cleaner, less dusty granules which are uniform in size

*      Environmentally safe

For more information about TIGER Boron 2%, download the product specifications.

To see the technical details of all TIGER products, download the full product list.

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