Rustica Time Release

Our Rustica Time Release® range of N, NK, and K controlled release fertilisers (CRFs) are ideal for crops and pasture. They incorporate environmentally friendly, biodegradable plant-based resin coatings for superior nutrient recovery, greater N efficiency, no volatile losses,  reduced leaching, fewer applications, and at lower rates compared to conventional fertilisers.

Use of CR-NK and CR-K42 reduces luxury uptake of K which is associated with animal health issues, such as Milk Fever and Grass Staggers. The metered release of K over time also reduces antagonism with other nutrients such as Magnesium and Calcium.

Why choose Rustica Time Release® CR-N44?

*      Features Biodegradable Plant-Based Resin Coating Technology

*      Long-term sustained N release (90-120 days depending on soil temperature and adequate moisture. Faster when warmer, slower when cold)

*      Ideal for pasture and crops

*      Higher N efficiency

*      Less applications required

*      Reduced leaching

*      No volatile N losses

*      Use at 70-80% of standard Urea rates

*      Reduces N inputs in Overseer

*      Sulphur improves N efficiency

*      Environmentally friendly

Why choose Rustica Time Release® CR-NK and CR-K42 ?

* Ideal for Fodder beets where long term release of N and K boosts crop yield.

* Single application before row closure minimises crop damage of multiple traditional doses.

* Reduces luxury uptake of K and associated animal health issues, such as Milk Fever and Grass Staggers.

* Ideal on peat, sandy or lighter soils where K is more prone to leaching.

Release Rates

Release rates are determined by the thickness and number of coatings, soil temperature, and the presence of moisture.

In excessively wet conditions, Rustica Time Release® CRF’s do not release any faster. And because there is no volatilisation, they can be applied in dry conditions with no gaseous losses.

For application guidelines and details on the three-phase release  biodegradable plant-based resin coating technology, download the Rustica Time Release® brochure

EuroAgri Spreading Tests – Rustica Time Release CRN44, Optimal Spinner Speed

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