Why ASN Cold Start® instead of Ammo you ask?

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Well because it has a fast-acting Nitrate (NO3-N) component, it works virtually immediately* on application whereas Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, and Ammo, (which is a blend of the first two) need time for its ALL ammonium (NH4-N) based Nitrogen to kick in. The cooler soil temperatures are, the slower that NH4-N will take as the bugs that break

Q. Why would you use SOA, Urea, or a blend of both (Ammo) in cold weather?

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A. The simple answer is DON’T!! Why?... All of the Nitrogen in these fertilisers is present in the slower acting Ammonium form which needs time to convert to faster-acting Nitrate N before the plant can pick it up. The bugs that convert it (Nitrification)® are very slow-acting at soil temperatures

Why ASN Cold Start®?? 

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For a start, it works in cool conditions when the alternatives languish!!  In 1995 AgResearch undertook field trials for BASF who imported ASN for the first time (1994). Those trials against Urea confirmed that:  ASN produced significantly more pasture dry matter than other N Forms (UREA)  The positive responses were maintained through to the

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